These days there are plenty of natural salt products on the market and these are a few that i recommend.

Himalayan Crystal Salt
I prefer to use big solid chunks of natural Himalayan Crystal salt when making my Sole. These look great and when they are placed in a nice glass container with water they look really neat. Not to mention they add a nice conversation piece to any room. And when making Sole for daily use i’ve found the larger chunks dont dissolve as quickly.
himalayan salt for watersalt for solehimalayan salt chunks

I’ve tried all of these and they are all about the same. Quality is the identical, but the more expensive price seems to be with the packaging(comes in a very nice cloth bag).


Now the next thing you’ll need is a glass container. If you have one at home great, but if you need a new one with a nice sealing lid this is what i recommend. The size is up to you, depending on your preference. Your container can be small and cute, or bigger and bulkier. I like a nice 1 qt. size for my kitchen counter.
salt container for soleusing salt for drinking

I actually bought a multi-pack of 4 quart jars and gave them as gifts for my loved ones. Everyone I have given these too has been very happy and very curious about how much better they feel after using Sole.


Once you have your sea salt in your container you need to get it out. Not using a regular metal spoon from the drawer, you need either a wooden spoon, or a glass dropper.
The metal spoon diminishes energy of the sole, and plastic is just plain toxic.

I like to use a glass dropper just because it feels and looks pretty cool. But a wooden spoon works just as well.

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