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Why Sea Salt is better than table salt


Sea Salt is better than ordinary table salt

Sea Salt is better than ordinary table salt


Everyday people are growing smarter and more careful about the food they buy, and more importantly what those foods contain. Shopping at the grocery store has become more intense than ever and our understanding of those silly labels has become way to familiar.

How many calories? How much trans fat? Too much cholesterol and not enough protein. How about vitamins? Which minerals do we need more of? We look at all these things while comparing products for price, and that’s when we have to worry about quality. Errrrrr.

Sodium is one of the more commonly checked items on these lists, and is for sure one of the most important. It is a major contributor to hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and strokes.

Sodium is also more commonly known as table salt. Table salt is typically mined from underground deposits and then heavily processed to strip out the healthy minerals to make it easier and cheaper to use.  After stripping out the good stuff, anti-caking agents are added along with iodine. This makes for one really unhealthy condiment that we can find anywhere.

Then why do we love the taste of salt?

Salt definetly improves the taste of our food, no doubt about that. Or do we just think that? Studies show that salty foods have an addictive taste to them, and you know we just want to keep eating something good, even when its all gone.

Think about it, junk food is way too high in sodium, its the worst contributor to today’s problem. About 10% of our daily intake of salt is natural, while a whopping 75% is taken in through processed food. Which means we are eating way more than our recommended daily allowances.

The FDA sets the daily recommended sodium at 2300 milligrams per day.

That number drops to 1500 milligrams per day if you are:

  • over the age of 50
  • black
  • have high blood pressure
  • diabetic
  • have chronic kidney disease

Did you know that a McDonald”s McChicken sandwich contains over 800 milligrams of sodium alone? Throw in a large fry and your way over 1000 milligrams for the day, with many more meals to go. Outrageous I know, but how many people realize the damage they are doing to themselves with a cheap lunch.

Its a simple fact that we love the taste of salt, not just that it makes our food taste better. We have at least 4 main taste receptors on our tongues. Bitter,salty, sweet, and sour. What salt does is actually cancel out the bitterness of food. It doesn’t add flavor, it simply masks the bad taste.

Do we need Salt at all?

Of course we do. We all do. It is in fact a natural mineral.  Salt is needed by the body for proper functioning of nerve transmissions and muscle contractions. It also helps to prevent dehydration and aids in retaining water. Salt is a vital nutrient that our bodies would not survive without, so its very natural that we love and crave it. It is so important,  that when people go on low-sodium diets they must be monitored for proper kidney function. People who take diuretics also must be monitored for their blood sodium levels, if they fall too low seizures or coma may result. But not just people with health problems, athletes and normal people can be at risk also. After a sweaty workout, drinking only plain water is not enough to replenish the sodium you need. A good mix of water and sea salt  is the best way to get the sodium back into the cells. Learn how to make your own sea salt drink mix here.

But doesn’t salt dehydrate you?

Regular salt yes, but sea salt works different. A quality unprocessed sea salt provides electrolytes, and over 84 natural minerals. By adding just a drop of sea salt to your drinking water will provide with many benefits like:

  • decreased fatigue
  • boost the immune system
  • help with adrenal disorders
  • aid in balancing thyroid disorders
  • soothes away headaches
  • lower cholesterol levels
  • helps to lower high blood pressure levels

So should we stop buying regular salt? Heck yes!

Should I replace my salt with sea salt? Heck yes!

I know i did, I use sea salt for everything now, cooking, drinking, small cuts and rashes, a little for my dogs, and even as mouthwash!

My family now begins everyday by drinking a glass of sea salt and water, a mixture called Sole (pronounced so-lay). Sole is a concentrated solution of sea salt and water.  Just adding one teaspoon of Sole to your morning water will start your morning off better than coffee can.  Learn how to make Sole here.

With all the benefits of sea salt, and all the bad press on regular table salt, I don’t see how anyone could still buy regular salt and give it to their family.




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