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Why you should try a Sea Salt Cleanse

benefits of a sea salt cleanse

Sea salt CleanseI’m a pretty healthy guy, but sometimes I wonder if my body is running as efficiently as it could be. I eat healthy foods (most of the time) and drink plenty of water. I exercise a couple of times a week to make sure my heart rate gets a little kick in the rear.

So… I’m good right? Well… almost.

I compare this to maintaining a car. I check the oil every two weeks, make sure I put good gas in the tank, and glance at the tires to make sure they have enough tread.

Should be safe.. Or am I missing something?

Think of a very expensive sports car, driving around town looking and sounding great. But what you fail to see is that the driver has failed to ever change the oil, or the transmission fluid, or any other important fluid. You see where I’m going…

I’m saying just about everyone needs some kind of personal system flush every now and then.

Who needs a Sea Salt Cleanse?


Just about everyone needs some type of a colon cleanse at some point, most of us just don’t realize how much better you will feel after.

  • You are gassy
  • You have symptoms similar to IBS
  • You have some digestion problems but don’t know what they mean
  • You have 1 or less bowel movements each day
  • You feel  bloated after a meal
  • You have never had a colon cleanse before
  • You eat a lot of meat or animal protein, refined foods, and dairy products
  • You have some health issues
  • You have skin problems, like Psoriasis
  • You have allergy issues
  • You have some type of respiratory trouble
  • You feel blocked up, or constipated on a regular basis
  • You just want to maintain your high level of health


*** Special Note: I say just about everyone because a sea salt cleanse may not be right for everyone. A small percentage of people will just absorb the salt water and not flush out, usually associated with some type of mineral deficiency.

How does a Sea Salt Cleanse work?

A sea salt cleanse is a method used to flush out your system and keep your colon healthy and clean. The best part is that it actually cleanses your entire GI tract, getting everything out from your mouth to bottom end!

This is what makes a Salt Water Flush better than any enema or colonics. These are both effective methods to cleanse as well, but using the sea salt flush will help with many more problems your system is having.

Colonics and enemas only remove the body waste from your colon.  A Sea Salt Flush removes the waste, including the gas, from the small intestine. In addition to that, the high quality salt you are using will also act as a healing agent to even out your pH levels throughout your entire gastrointestinal tract.

A healthy pH level in the intestines reduces the amount of bad bacteria, viruses, pathogens, and fungi that create all kinds of trouble for your digestion.

A Sea Salt Cleanse can provide a ton of relief from embarrassing gas, bloating, digestive irritability, cramping, excessive burping, and so on. When you do a sea salt flush regularly, and use a good quality Sea Salt, all of these symptoms will seem to go away.

The best part about the flush is it’s cheap, quick, and simple which makes this even better for your time and wallet.


The Easy Sea Salt Flush Routine

A Sea Salt flush is a salt solution that you drink when you wake up in the morning. An empty stomach is key, that’s why morning is the best time. The flush requires a big teaspoon of high quality sea salt, I use Himalayan salt, and a large container of water.

This salty solution contains the same specific gravity as your blood so your kidneys don’t actually process it, and it’s not absorbed into the blood stream. The flush works its way through your intestinal system, kind of like a watery bulldozer, pushing all the garbage all the way out the end.

Now not just any kind of sea salt will work for this. Always check the label of what you are buying, there are plenty of cheap choices that claim to be real sea salt.

What you are looking for is pure, natural, unprocessed sea salt. I use a high quality Himalayan Crystal salt that can be found at your local health food store, or online. I recommend buying from Amazon, the prices are the best and you can’t beat the speed of shipping.

Do not use regular table salt for this flush!

Regular table salt is poison. It is chemically treated and processed so that all the minerals are stripped out, and all you get is the sodium chloride. Then the anti-caking agents are added and this is just not healthy. These salts are highly toxic and can be very costly to your health. Read more about the difference between sea salt vs. table salt

Sea Salt Cleanse Instructions

  • When you first wake up in the morning, before drinking or eating anything, (including coffee!)how to make alkaline water


  • Add 1 tablespoon of the high quality sea salt, Himalayan salt if you have it, to 1 quart of room temperature water. Use good quality filtered water, spring water, or mineral water. Fiji water works well also.


  • Slightly warming the water can increase your maximum results, and may speed the process up a bit. Just pour the quart into a small pot and heat up, do not boil!!


  • The taste of the flush isn’t for everyone; some people even hold their noses while drinking. Just do what you need to do to get it down. Personally I prefer the taste of salt in my water now, maybe just an acquired taste.


  • You must drink the entire salt flush within a few minutes, I try to just stand there and slam it all in a couple of big gulps.  Then you drink another quart of the same water within 30 minutes.


  • Do not eat anything for at least the next 2 hours. Your body must have time to work! By not having anything in your stomach after allows your body to focus on the task at hand. Avoid drinking coffee (I know), tea, or anything else that may be dehydrating. Just keep drinking water.


What happens next?


Now the fun begins!  Most people experience several bowels movements within 1 to 2 hours. The first movement can happen within the first half hour, so don’t expect to just hop in the car right away! Stay near the bathroom and be ready.

While waiting for the first bowel elimination I prefer to help the process along by lying down on my side and gently rubbing on my stomach and abdomen for about 10 minutes, then flip over to the other side and repeat. I’ve found this to be helpful and it relaxes me as well.

Now don’t think that this is like explosive diarrhea, or painful. It’s not that bad at all. Just have something handy to read and expect to spend the next couple of hours wearing a path back and forth to the bathroom.

It’s probably safe to leave the house after a couple of hours. A good indication that you are done is the bowel movements will become less frequent. If the last elimination was mainly clear fluid, then the flush should be about done.

This may not happen exactly the same way for everyone, and this is not a science. It may take a couple of different flush sessions to achieve a complete gastrointestinal flush, but that’s ok. You’re making healthy progress.

What if it didn’t work?

There are, unfortunately a small percentage of people who will not flush out. I’m not exactly sure why, some people say it’s a mineral deficiency, or internal damage to the lining of your gastrointestinal tract (before the flush), or maybe a lack of specific beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract.

Also people who tend to retain water do not flush well either. Women who are close to that time of the month may also have trouble flushing for this reason. This will only cause some bloating and extra water retention, which may be a little uncomfortable at worst.

My first few flushes went really well, just as described above. But I had one that just made me feel full of water for a few hours, and caused a lot of urination. I still felt ok during and after, and it could’ve been from a large meal I had the day before.

I recommend trying this at least a few times, varying your diet beforehand to get the best results. Maybe light salads and plenty of water the day before.

The bottom line is some of us just will not flush out and will have to explore the other cleansing alternatives.

Sea Salt Cleanse Routine

If the sea salt flush did work for you great! Let’s talk about how it went! If you feel like sharing your experience below please do. The more different experiences the better. It’s always nice to read about how different everyone’s bodies are. Good and bad.

You can take the salt flush as a scheduled routine or as you feel necessary. I vary my routine a little, but at least once a month is what I’ve been doing and it’s working great. Yours could be anywhere from a few times a week, or every day for a week just to see how you feel.

If you have severe bowel deficiencies, and the first flush worked well for you, you may want to do a sea salt cleanse once a day for one week. Then reduce the amount of days the following week, time permitting of course. You just can’t spend your whole life flushing! This will rapidly clear out your gastrointestinal tract, and restore proper bowel function.

Here’s a good example routine:

  • Sea salt flush once a day for week 1
  • Flush every other day for week 2, 3 total flushes
  • Week 3 flush 2 times
  • Week 4 flush 1 time
  • Every other week, to once a month indefinitely


Like I said, this is not an exact science. Every person is different and most will have great success, a small group of us will not. Hopefully you can develop a routine that is beneficial to you and your diet, and the feeling you will have is like no other.

I would love to hear about your experience, other tips or questions you may have.

Have a great flush!

Learn more about Himalayan Salt and its amazing health benefits at SeaSaltHealth.Com

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